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A UK teacher's endorsement

Here's what parents are saying...

“At 5-6 years old we noticed our son was not grasping phonics and reading after some months of tutoring. His grades went down and so did his self-confidence.


"We heard about I Read For Life from a friend. Within a few weeks of him starting the I Read For Life program with Mrs. Glidden we could see a difference in his reading skills and his confidence.


"Before entering this program, he was not participating in class.  I Read For Life saved our son’s schooling. He is now in high school and doing well. Language skills are now his best subjects. He would never have made it through school without I Read For Life.”

– Lissa Adam

Former students... now successful adults 

"As one of the first students to use the Glidden Method of learning to read, I can attest to its ability to transform lives.


"The I Read For Life program took me from a shy 6 year old who could hardly read, to the confident young Accountant and Entrepreneur I am today. I have a special gratitude to Ms. Vinnette Glidden for giving me the tools to succeed. The I Read For Life program works! 


"And I am very excited that I will be able to share it with my children, so that they too can learn to read for life.”

– Ted Green


Read about Ted's "Sweet smell of success" and his "Young entrepreneur award" in the Cayman Compass newspaper.

“At the age of 8 I was enrolled into the I Read For Life program, with a short attention span, lack of confidence and slow processing. Along with hard work, this amazing program helped form a foundation for many of my accomplishments.


"I was an honor student at law school in the UK and today I am an attorney. This program has helped produce a well-rounded individual who learnt never to give up and always strive to be the best.”

– Dajsha Samuels

Businessman Tedrick Green and IRFL's Vinnette Glidden join Dajsha Samuels to celebrate Dajsha being to called to the Cayman Islands bar as an attorney-at-law.

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