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These four videos entertain while teaching the association between the 44 English speech sounds and the letter-symbols. Mastering this association is the key to decoding the groups of letters that represent the spoken words of a language. In other words, it is the key to reading. 

The Sounds & Symbols videos feature stories, songs, a tutorial on the pronunciation of speech sounds, actual classroom teaching situations and scenes from around the Cayman Islands and other countries. Directed and presented by Vinnette Mae Glidden, Sounds & Symbols are videos that every child should watch. 

Children will watch a video many times and it is this repetition that allows them to learn the speech sounds associated with the letter-symbols. 


 Sounds & Symbols - A fun way to learn to read! 

DVDs available in the Cayman Islands at: 

IRead For Life Center

Barnett Building, 24 Huldah Avenue, George Town

next door to the Red Cross.


Buy one at a time or get the full set of four DVDs.

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In the USA and worldwide, these videos will soon be available online through our US affiliate

IRFL Distributors LLC. 


CPSIA Compliance


IRFL DVDs are manufactured and printed by Disc Makers® in Pennsauken, NJ, USA. Click here to see the General Conformity Statement to Consumer Product Safety Act of 2008 (CPSIA) and the Certificate of Compliance.

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