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Learning in the new age
With the best reading program on the market !

With the shutdown of all educational institutions in late March 2020, IRFL immediately made the move to online tutoring. Parents, students and tutors found the online experience so positive that 95% of our students will continue online with us through the summer. Your child can join us too. We are online to stay - it's the new age.

Way to go!

Our online tutoring still has that element of fun which allows the tutoring to be live, flexible, with playful interaction and meaningful dialogue between tutors and students. Of course we always maintain discipline and make time to talk with parents. 

Commitment for success

While we see students in groups, the best results come from classes of two students or one-on-one. For meaningful progress to be made 3-4 class per week is recommended for at least eight months.


Sweet Success  

Report cards are coming in and we are very pleased to see our students receiving higher grades. We are not surprised. IRFL students consistently show improvement in their school work. Many of them receive awards and go on to become professionals.

Whether your child is struggling to read or you just want to keep your child's mind sharp - we can help you. Find out more about our program, call us on

345-947-1497  or  WhatsApp: 345-925-0701.



“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”                             ― Margaret Fuller


Flashcard exercise during a Zoom tutoring class. 

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