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IRead For Life 

We do things differently, we train champions for literacy!

"We make a non-reader a reader.

A reader a good reader, and

A good reader a better reader."


When a child is struggling to read it can lead to other problems like low self-esteem and withdrawal. That is why I believe in a holistic approach to learning. If a child loves to draw, model, sing, cook, build or whatever it may be, I believe that particular interest should be harvested and used to motivate, build trust, increase self-confidence and open the door to learning. Parents often report seeing a positive change in their child within weeks of beginning the IRFL program.


I Read For Life isn't just for non-readers.  We make a reader a good reader and a good reader a better reader.


The IRFL program is available in the Cayman Islands at the I Read For Life Center located in George Town at the Barnett Building, 24 Huldah Avenue; we're next to the Red Cross building. We offer traditional tutoring classes as well as online tutoring. 


We are living in very competitive times and I hope that you will give us the opportunity to make your child the best they can be with the I Read For Life program.



Vinnette Glidden, M.S.

Reading Facilitator & Program Developer

M.Scott - Year 1 Teacher, John Cumber Primary School

December 5, 1995.

Over the years we have had the satisfaction to see the success of our students. We have seen children with poor self-confidence become successful readers with their self-confidence increasing correspondingly. I have worked with children for over 30  years, and the results that I have obtained using the IRead For Life program are second to none. 


The IRFL program utilizes a method that is way beyond learning ABC's. Furthermore, it is not just about learning phonics. IRFL is about giving individuals the fundamental tools they need to decode words and comprehend written communication. Once given the tools, these "tricks of the trade", they become confident readers for the rest of their lives. The IRFL approach is more  therapeutic based than a purely academic approach. This is one of the reasons that we conduct evaluation testing before starting to tutor. 


An IRFL parent said,"My husband says that if he had this program when he was a child he wouldn't have had the difficulty he experienced in reading." 

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